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How To Prepare For A Hurricane

hurricane preparation guideFormed with a low-pressure center, strong winds and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain, a Hurricane is characterized as a rapidly rotating organized storm system also known as a tropical cyclone.

Each year there are more than 20 tropical storms that have the potential to organize into a tropical depression and the hurricane. The intensity of a hurricane is categorized by the Saffir-Simson wind scale that measures the maximum sustained wind speed. Since 1851 a total of 292 Northern Atlantic Hurricanes produced hurricane-force wind in the United States.

Hurricanes can produce severe as well as catastrophic damage to the areas which it effects. Highly populated states like Florida, Texas, and

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Weekend Warriors

day trips south carolinaVacationing can be difficult for the long-term. What a lot of younger couples and parents are doing to vacation more is taking day trips and truly exploring an area in its entirety. If you are living in Beaufort or the vicinity of South Carolina, we highly recommend taking day trips to any of these locations.

The Top Communities to Check out

Savannah, Georgia - With its pedestrian-friendly layout and innovative urban design, Savannah serves as a balm for the senses. The city of Savannah inspires visitors with its emerald tree canopy, quaint cobblestone streets, and majestic architecture.

Charleston, SC - Charleston is the oldest and largest city in the U.S. state of South Carolina, the county seat of Charleston County,[5] and

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A Transitive America

buy a homeMany people in America right now don’t believe in living in one place for too long. There aren’t enough reasons to stay in one city when it’s so easy to move around and choose where you want to live. This has created a unique problem for long term sustainability for many people wanting to find the best place for them to live.

When it comes to long term investments, many people will live no longer than 5-10 years in an area. Because of this, we are going to show you the importance of buying over renting a home.

The New York Times Calculator

Check this out. The New York Times has created a great, in-depth calculator for buying and renting homes. Here you can adjust and modify the scale as much as you would like when it comes

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Maximizing your Home's Efficiency

maximizing your homeWhen you are ready to settle down and sell the house, you need to get the most out of your home. Now, we’ve already talked about how to properly assess the price of your home in an earlier step, but now we are going to talk about how you can barter when you should fold, and what you can do to get the most for your home.

Ways to Work

Objective Price Comparisons – First thing you want to do is run the numbers on the market again. Keep your objective houses price; then you want to run this number next to what other houses on the market are going for. See other houses similar to yours, bed/bath ratios and neighborhoods, see why there would be reasons for the price to go down.

Outside Factors – Part of your price

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What makes you want to buy a house?

best time to buy a houseWhen you are ready to buy a house, you need to look at three main factors for purchasing a home: Family Size, Budget, Your Desires.

  • Family Size – The size and scope of your family will determine when and where you should move. Kids, elderly members, visiting family members will all alter the availability for your moving.
  • Budget – Additionally, a major part is the budget. If you don’t have a lot of discretionary income, it will determine when you should be moving and how you should be going about doing it.
  • Desires – Finally, you need to narrow down what you’re looking for and see if the surrounding areas can provide these sorts of desires. If you want to be able to go fishing every Saturday, then you need
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The Right Audience for your house

selling your houseA marketing plan means nothing if it doesn’t have an audience. The right audience can halve the waiting time to sell! But how do we find the right audience for your home? Simple, you break down the ingredients of your home and find out who is ready to indulge!

Weighing your options

Assess the Bathrooms – The first thing you’re going to want to separate is bathrooms. A person with two bathrooms can mean that they are living with separate people such as college kids, or more importantly, families who have kids will want to have two very separate bathrooms. Coordinating with the bedrooms, you can begin to discover who should go where.

Assess the Bedrooms – The number of bedrooms creates a unique example of the

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Why have a consultation?

real estate consultationConsultations are incredibly important for people in the housing market. Regardless of selling or buying, meeting with a professional in the industry is necessary. As much information as you can retrieve from personal studies and expectations of the housing market, there is still a profession that has experience and knowledge of how the system works.

When you sit down for a consultation with the realtor, what you are getting out of the conversation is clarity. When you sit down with the realtor, you both are working through your expectations of what the process is and stating the reality. On top of the clarity you receive, you will also now know the direction with which the process is going. You will know everything you need

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The Road to Closing

selling a houseIf you think you are ready to sell your home, perhaps your first home, it’s vital that you read this guide before fully considering the options. Selling a home in this market can be pretty tricky, there are a lot of people out there who are looking and more than enough people out there not ready to buy.

There are a few steps you should follow before beginning to play the housing market. Depending on your area, the status of your home, and the current marketplace it might not be a good time for you to do so. There are always going to be homes and locations available on the market but playing your particular home at just the right time can be a decision that could save you or cost you thousands of dollars.

Can you sell your

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Learning the Market!

learning the housing marketNow that we’ve created a checklist for what to do to sell your home, it’s time we learn the market. Now, to be frank, there is no learning the market, the housing market changes and adapts constantly. But we can determine optimal times to doing things. Your house can be in the best condition it’s ever seen, but if the market isn’t looking for it, then you aren’t going to get what it’s worth.

So to sell your home, we have to learn two things:

• How much it objectively costs to sell your home

• How much the market will currently sell your home for

Assessing your Homes Value

There are two primary ways that you can assess the value of your home. Hiring an appraiser who will also help with consulting and using online

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How to Advertise your home for Sale!

advertise your real estateThe broker will work their hardest to push for your home to be sold, but these are cooperative efforts. There are many things that you can do to help sell your house. To help you with some idea, we have created this guide for how to give your real estate a real edge!


Conventional – Conventional photography is one of the most common ways to showcase a home. Take a couple of dozen photos and let people have several angles with which to view rooms and the home. This is necessary for any real estate sale; no one will inquire about a house with no pictures.

Aerial – The next big step in real estate photography is aerial photography. Most people can take 360-degree photos of the surrounding

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