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Does it Snow in South Carolina?

No… Well sort of.

does it snow in south carolinaSouth Carolina never experiences snowfall despite being a more centered state. Sometimes you can record small amounts of snowfall within the center of the state, but the coastal regions experience no recordable snowfall.

Why doesn’t it snow in South Carolina?

The humidity and the temperature drop make it a ripe location for snowfall, but the proximity to the coast prevent snow from ever accumulating because the salt water that precipitates in the cloud is harder to freeze.

This is why the more inland areas of south Carolina can receive snowfall without the coastal regions remaining touched. This is one of the reason why Hilton Head Island is sought after every year.

This makes for great

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Are you moving to South Carolina this Winter?

Many people deicde to move to South Carolina in the Winter, but if you don’t have any experience doing so, read these tips!

Tips for Moving in Winter

Clear the Path

winter moving south carolinaIf you are beginning to move into the house, the best way to avoid unnecessary damage or water drag is to clear the paths to the house. Sidewalk, driveway, in between as best as you can. The less you track in, the better off your floors will be.

Cover the Floors

However, there will always be tracking from walking to the inside from the out. The best thing you can do is cover the floors with either saran wrap or just provide a bunch of old and crappy boxes or towels for the floor.

Maintain Heat

I’ve heard the best way to keep

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Moving Your Business

south carolina business tax incentivesMost small businesses right now are exploring alternative options to reduce their operating costs while also increasing their revenue. This often means relocation and finding different places to set their business in.

One of the top states to relocate a business too is South Carolina. This is because they offer great tax incentives with a lower cost of living and a lower real estate cost than other states with similar incentives.

But what are those incentives for South Carolina?

Move your Business to South Carolina.

The Incentives

Job Development Credit

The Job Development Credit effectively uses the personal withholding taxes of new employees to reimburse qualified, approved companies that add value to South

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FSBO and Your Realtor

FSBOWhen people are searching for homes, they want to find a place that is best for them. Most people make the search much easier by using realtors to find the homes for them. Realtors work very hard to investigate homes that are ideal to the specifications of the buyer. There is a lot of research, traveling, and discussion that goes into assembling the list of potential houses. When there is that much delegation in anything, there will often be compromises.

The best way to find your dream home is to work with the realtor. The realtor is invested in finding your home and will make their efforts while you are also looking for choices. You’ve found a home that you adore and see this little note on it that says FSBO. You’re certain

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Mold is bad for Homes.

IF you are looking for a new home or are hoping to sell your current one, you need to ensure that the house is in tip-top shape. While most people will notice structural damage and water stains, most people will overlook mold, which can be practically everywhere.where mold grows

But if you need help finding where all the mold is in your home, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!


Wallpapers – IF you have recently put up wallpaper in your home, it is possible for moisture to become trapped behind it. This moisture, combined with glue and heat, can create a subtle petri dish for mold!

Washing Machines – Washing machines have a compartment in the front where they are exposed to moisture but don’t regularly interact with

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What is Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance is a policy in which you are insuring your house from probable or potential dangers. For a small fee every month, you insure your house against these potential threats. But for many homeowners’s, these will often go unused for the duration of their time owning the property.

How much does Homeowner’s Insurance usually cost?

homeowners insuranceOn average, the typical over/under of homeowner’s insurance is ~$40 per 100k the house is estimated at being worth. So if you have a 250k evaluated property, chances are you’ll be paying around 100 a month for homeowner’s insurance.

However, there are other factors that come into play when debating homeowners insurance. If you are in an at-risk area, prices can go up, if

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Why do we Pay Property Taxes?

property taxProperty Taxes are part of the natural taxes that Americans pay every year. Similar to how you pay taxes on things that you buy, you pay taxes on houses that you own.

Since your house is on American Soil and you are paying for that spot, you pay taxes on how much the house is worth. These taxes go to your state and national government to continue paying for the government's existence.

Strangely enough property taxes are paid on the assessed value of your home, not necessarily the square footage or amount of Acres you own.

What are the Property Taxes of South Carolina?

south carolina property taxThe average property tax of South Carolina is .6% and is ranked the fifth lowest in the country. If you are looking to invest in property and

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Buying a Home that’s Foreclosed

buying a foreclosureIf you’ve ever looked for houses for longer than five minutes, chances are you’ve seen houses that are titled in foreclosure. Most people will look at the great price and assume something is up. That’s because something is up. We are going to explain all the ins and outs in this blog.

A house that is foreclosed upon means that someone became unable to pay for this house and now the bank owns it. The banks want to get rid of the house so they will usually sell it for a lower value, but at the same time, they are not as responsible for the home’s current condition.

The Pros

Save 10-15% - On average you will save 10-15% on a house that’s in foreclosure. This is great news because it saves you a ton of money.

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Are You Liable For Your Property?

Purchasing a home in today’s real estate market is close to impossible. With the price of rental properties soaring, tenants are not left with too much leg room to save a few dollars for investing in a home. Renting a home comes with liabilities, the fine print on the bottom of your lease agreement.

owning a homeLandlords prefer to not have any obligation for the duration of your stay on their property, making the tenant responsible for most of the issues that would affect their living on the property. Any problem that occurs to the property and is not covered by the lease agreement creates another speed bump between the tenant and their plans for investments.

Of course, a smart landlord would have purchased homeowners

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How To Prepare For A Hurricane

hurricane preparation guideFormed with a low-pressure center, strong winds and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain, a Hurricane is characterized as a rapidly rotating organized storm system also known as a tropical cyclone.

Each year there are more than 20 tropical storms that have the potential to organize into a tropical depression and the hurricane. The intensity of a hurricane is categorized by the Saffir-Simson wind scale that measures the maximum sustained wind speed. Since 1851 a total of 292 Northern Atlantic Hurricanes produced hurricane-force wind in the United States.

Hurricanes can produce severe as well as catastrophic damage to the areas which it effects. Highly populated states like Florida, Texas, and

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