Cat Island Real Estate

Cat Island Real EstateCat Island is one of the Sea Islands of Beaufort County and a wonderful place to live. Not only is it similar to Fripp and Lady’s Island, but it is accessible and local to larger cities.

Like many of the other real estate options we have, Cat Island is a great place to go for those who want a little more of a quieter life, while not being wholly disconnected from the rest of the world.

By being close to other cities, you truly receive the best of both worlds! You can have your privacy when you choose too while also being just a short drive away from downtown Beaufort.

However, what’s more is that when you are on Cat Island, you are just a few miles away from the beach at any given moment, and if you are the yachting or fishing type, this place is a must live for you!

Century 21 Cat Island Realty

There’s only one name for Cat Island real estate, and that is CENTURY 21®. With more homes bought and sold each year through CENTURY 21®, you know you are purchasing from the best and most consistent realty company in America. With decades of service and national recognition, give yourself the treat of working with a company that works hard for you. We provide the best realty prices and negotiations on the market and will always work to get you the best home at the best price for your family. If you would like to learn more about our realtors, experience, or the homes we provide call us today at (843) 521-2121!

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