Three Ways REALTORS® Are Better Than For Sale By Owner

Dated: September 17 2020

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A screenshot of a cell phoneDescription automatically generatedMany sellers ask, “Why should I use an REALTOR® when I can sell it myself and save all that commission?”  That’s a reasonable question and one that can easily be answered.  There are three big reasons that you should use a REALTOR®.

First of all getting the most for your home is usually your primary concern, right?  If so then you need to know that you stand to walk away with more money if you use a professional.  Market stats from the National Association of Realtors back this up.  Out of all homes sold the average selling price of those sold by REALTORs was $215,000.  The average price of all sold by owners was $174,900.  That’s a 23 % difference, so there is room for you to pay the REALTOR® for his or her services and still walk away with more than you could if you tried to sell it on your own

Secondly, ask yourself how quickly would you want to get your home sold.  Most sellers have plans to move and many times the purchase of the new home cannot be made until the existing one sells.  There may be other factors.  But again the Time on Market stats lean toward using a REALTOR®.   Assuming that you have the correct selling price, the average time on market is 69 days with a REALTOR® versus 88 days on a for sale by owner.  If you haven’t had the benefit of the pricing advice from a REALTOR® and overprice your home you might sit from months.  Worse still you might sell it for far below value.

The third reason to use a REALTOR® involves stress. Do you know and have access to all the forms needed?  Do you know how to legally handle all the hurdles that can come up during a home sale?  Do you know all the Federal and State laws which come in to play in a real estate transaction.  One mistake here could lead to a lawsuit.  Sometimes very minor issues can become major ones and totally kill a sale when a REALTOR® would best know how to handle them, and get the sale moving towards closing.  Why not let your REALTOR® handle all the stressful situations that arise during the negotiation and sale of your home and concentrate on the excitement of a move to a new location, a new home, or whatever your plans are that motivated you to decide to sell in the first place.








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Three Ways Realtors Are Better Than For Sale By Owner

Many sellers ask, “Why should I use an REALTOR® when I can sell it myself and save all that commission?”  That’s a reasonable question and one that can easily be answered.

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