The Palmetto Tree is a Symbol of South Carolina

Dated: April 23 2020

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palmetto tree Beaufort SC

Every state has a symbol, but nothing says South Carolina like the Palmetto tree.

For locals, it's downright iconic. You'll see it on just about everything, everywhere across the state, not just here in Beaufort SC. The palmetto appears on window decals, bumper stickers, Christmas ornaments, mugs and shoes to artwork, glassware and even jewelry.

Our Lowcountry locals' unique love for the palmetto tree is a sense of pride that has its roots all the way back in the Revolutionary War. The British assault on Charleston in 1776 was repelled by the thick palmetto log walls of Fort Moultrie. The walls were created by laying down large palmetto tree trunks, then finishing it off with sand topped off with stacked sandbags.

When the British ships attacked the fort, the cannonballs just bounced right off of the palmetto logs, causing only moderate damage to the fort.

It was all because of the palmetto tree.

In recognition, the palmetto tree was added to our state seal in 1776 and then added our the state flag in 1860. The nickname, the Palmetto State, was first mentioned over 165 years ago.

In fact, our state flag is so popular that the popular website/search engine Yahoo! even named it the Best State Flag In All 50 States.

The Palmetto Tree: South Carolina's most iconic image
The palmetto tree was added to the S.C. state flag back in 1860

But, please don't confuse it with the palm trees you see when you're visiting Florida. Some people get the palmetto tree and the palm tree mixed up, because there are lots of similarities between the two.

The main difference between palmetto and palm trees is their size. Palm trees can reach heights of 80 feet tall, while the palmetto tree will only make it to about 30 to 40 feet.

Palm trees usually have large leaves, but the leaves of our palmetto trees are more like the shape of a fan.

Lots of folks who relocate to Beaufort SC have palmetto trees in their yards on the properties they purchase. It's much different from where they've moved from, and it's quite the novelty for many. Being able to boast to friends and family 'back home' that they have palmetto trees in the yard is a favorite past time for many, and certainly, a way to make your friends jealous, in a fictitious kind of way.

If you're thinking of relocating to the Beaufort SC area, we can help make your dream a reality by helping you find your forever home here in the Lowcountry. Call us at 843-521-2121 and one of our experienced agents can assist you in becoming a Beaufort local.

We're pretty certain we can find you a home, complete with your own palmetto trees in the yard. 

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