Beaufort County, SC is a family-oriented area that is rich in history and beauty.  The county houses three military bases, many historical sites, and just about every amenity you can think of! 

Whether you are looking for your first home, a waterfront property, golf course living, or a quiet place to retire and relax, Beaufort County has something to offer!  Although there are some exclusive properties throughout Beaufort County, our average home prices start in the mid $100′s and range into the millions. This allows almost anyone to find the home of their dreams.


Just minutes from the beaches of Hilton Head and Hunting Island and smack in the middle of hundreds of holes of world-class championship golf, Beaufort, SC is a smaller town that really seems to have it all.

Beaufort SC History

Incorporated over 300 years ago in 1711, the second-oldest city in South Carolina is a history lover's paradise that has a story dating back over 500 years.

It all started with the discovery of the area by Spanish explorers in 1514. With this discovery, Beaufort County was the site of the second landing on the North American continent by Europeans.

In the mid-1500s, Spain and France competed for control of the newfound land. The Spanish government believed it had exclusive rights to the continent. To protect its Atlantic shipping route, Spain colonized several points along the Southeastern coast, including the Carolinas.

Spain's King Phillip ordered the establishment of military bases on the mainland. St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously occupied European city in the continental United States. But the first colonial capital was Santa Elena, right here in Beaufort SC.

Spanish colonists founded Santa Elena in 1566 on Parris Island in Port Royal Sound in present-day Beaufort, just a short 10-minute drive from downtown today.

Beaufort had been subject to numerous European explorations and failed attempts at colonization before the British officially founded the city of Beaufort in 1711.

The city initially grew slowly. It was a center for shipbuilding and later when SC became established, Beaufort was the elite center for the Lowcountry planters through the Civil War.

Just after the Civil War started, Beaufort fell early and was occupied by Union forces following the Battle of Port Royal in 1861. Due in part to its early occupation, the city was saved from destruction and the burning of General Sherman, and with many of the town's landowners fleeing the area, slaves were left behind.  The Union forces declared the slaves emancipated and started their efforts at education while also creating regiments of African-American soldiers to fight against the South.

Beaufort SC has recently been recognized and has seen the establishment of the National Reconstruction Era Park by the National Park Service due to the area being the home of the beginning of the reconstruction of America after the Civil War, including the home of the first school for freed slaves at Penn Center on St. Helena Island.

Fast-forwarding to the 20th Century, the Beaufort area has grown quite a bit.

Mining for phosphates, farming, and fishing were the primary industries early in the century, and the area became well known as a supplier of local seafood and tomatoes. Tomatoes grown on our sea islands of Beaufort SC have been shipped all over the U.S., and today an estimated 25 million pounds of them come from St. Helena Island every year to stores across the country.

Beaufort SC Economy

In 1915, Parris Island was created as a Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and training has continued there ever since. The Beaufort SC area is home to 3 military installations today, including the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and the Beaufort Veteran's Administration Naval Hospital.

The military is the most significant economic driver in Beaufort SC, providing a whopping $2.2 billion to the area every year.  Beaufort's military bases use thousands of local workers.  As a result, a down economy is not as big a factor in the Beaufort SC community as it would be in others.

Things To Do In Beaufort

Today, there is a variety of things to do in the Beaufort area. Downtown Beaufort is home to a wealth of retail stores, art galleries, and several local restaurants offering menus to delight you with fresh local seafood and other local fares.

The museum and art scenes are thriving all over the Beaufort area. Beaufort SC is home to 5 museums that house a lot of its history. From the beginnings of America to the beginning of the USMC, you can see and learn so much about Beaufort’s and America’s past by visiting these houses of history.

Downtown is home to numerous art galleries with both a local and an international appeal.

Beaufort SC has been named as one of America's Best Art Towns, including being ranked the No. 14 Small City Arts Destination by American Style Magazine and one of America's top 100 art towns in the book The 100 Best Art Towns in America.

For fishermen, whether you're looking for a quiet day fishing off of the dock, casting or fly fishing in the tidal flats of our marshes, or going offshore to catch something bigger, there’s no shortage of spots to put your line in the water in Beaufort. Field & Stream magazine has even named Beaufort SC one of the Top 20 Fishing Towns in America.

And, In an area surrounded by water, boating is very popular in Beaufort. Fortunately, there are lots of spots to drop your boat in the water all over the area.

If you like the beach, without all of the build-ups of a resort area, then Beaufort SC definitely fits your style.  Hunting Island is South Carolina’s single most popular state park, attracting more than a million visitors a year, as well as being home to a vast array of wildlife. Nearly five miles of all-natural South Carolina beaches, thousands of acres of marsh and maritime forest, a peaceful lagoon, and an ocean inlet are all part of Hunting Island State Park's allure.

The Hunting Island Lighthouse is the only lighthouse in the state of South Carolina that is publicly accessible. Visitors can climb 167 steps and stand at the top to take in the breathtaking, panoramic view of the Atlantic Coast and surrounding maritime forest and the Hunting Island State Park campground has camping available at 100 campsites right along the ocean.

Community events are also an integral part of the fabric of Beaufort SC. Each year, the town is home to the Beaufort Shrimp Festival, the Beaufort International Film Festival, and the Soft Shell Crab Festival and for over 60 years festival-goers have enjoyed the annual Beaufort Water Festival. With so much history, culture, and tradition here in Beaufort SC, we have lots of reasons to celebrate!

Beaufort SC Demographics

According to recent statistics and the 2010 census, the population in the city of Beaufort SC was 12,361. The population density was 447.9 per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 67.1% White, 25.7% African American, and the other 7% comprised Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Hispanic/Latino.

According to the census, there were 4,901 households with a 56% owner-occupant rate. Of which 31.8% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 47.6% were married couples living together. The average household size was 2.5 persons.

For every 100 females, there were 114.3 males. For every 100 females age 18 and over, there were 117.6 males. The average household income was $36,532, and the median family income was $42,894. Males had a median income of $22,465 versus $23,474 for females. 

Beaufort has become the retirement haven for many people from all over the globe and has recently been named the #4 Best Place to Retire in the South. 

The average home price is around $175,000, while home prices range from $100,000 to $6,000,000, and condo prices range from $80,000 to $500,000.  Housing types available include single-family Homes, residential, commercial, lots & land, investment properties, waterfront, townhomes, and condominiums. 

If you have questions for our real estate team, give Century 21-Carolina Realty a call today. We love living in Beaufort SC and would be honored to show you why you'll fall in love with the area, too!


The Burton area just to the north of downtown Beaufort is a sprawling location near Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort SC. Often referred to by locals as "out in the County", Burton was predominantly rural and agricultural in character for the majority of its history. But with a population of just over 7,000 in the most recent U.S. Census, there's lots of room to grow in Burton.

Among the listings we have in Burton, homeowners will find beautiful 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom single-family homes around 1600 square feet to 4 bedrooms, 2 and a half bath homes upwards of 2000 square feet. The median home price for Burton is anywhere from $75,000-$200,000 on average.

It’s not difficult to find a nice, comfortable home in Burton, literally just minutes to MCAS Beaufort.


Cat Island is home to plenty of natural scenery.

Surrounded by live oaks, home to vast wildlife and a serene environment, Cat Island is a lovely place in Beaufort, South Carolina. Residents enjoy breathtaking coastal views along with palmettos and ancient oak trees and don’t forget about the presence of wildlife including pelicans, deer, egrets, gators, and many more species.

Cat Island offers a range of affordable amenities including a swimming pool, golf club, tennis court, fitness center, and boat ramp.


Daufuskie Island provides exclusivity, hominess, and more in one complete area. For those who want to have a quiet life, and for those who want a home away from home, Daufuskie Island real estate is the best-kept secret of South Carolina. However, don’t just take our word for it.

As far as intriguing islands with small populations go, Daufuskie sits right there at the very top. It is the southernmost habitable island in South Carolina, and with a population of a little over 400, it is one of the more serene and peaceful places in the state.

With a fascinating diversity of organisms, beautiful resorts, and a considerable presence in popular culture, this is one place you do not want to miss out on as an island hopper. With that said, let us take a deeper dive into why Daufuskie is an excellent destination for buying your forever home, by paying special consideration to its attractions, local history, and tourist events, among other things.

From the Daufuskie Island Website: “Daufuskie Island offers a glimpse of what other sea islands were like before bridges and causeways opened them to development. Most native residents of Daufuskie Island are descendants of freed slaves, who have made their living oystering and fishing for decades. The subject of Pat Conroy's novel, The Water Is Wide, Daufuskie Island has a timeless quality and is still accessible only by boat.”

Local Attractions

As it happens, there is a lot to experience over here. Nature has been extremely kind to Daufuskie, bestowing it with a diverse array of flora and fauna, especially the fox squirrel and the bald eagle. Additionally, the sandy white beaches and live oak trees add to the beauty and splendor of the island.

As far as human-made attractions are concerned, Daufuskie possesses two main resorts; the Bloody Point and the Melrose. Aside from being excellent relaxation spots for tourists, they have succeeded in fostering a stronger community spirit, with Melrose’s beach cottages and Bloody Point’s Sandy Lane Villas serving as vacation homes where tourists can stay and interact with locals. If exclusive privileges sound appealing to you, Daufuskie has a dash of those as well. The Haig Point is a prestigious community of individuals which has its ferry service to Hilton Head (the nearest city), an equestrian center, a tennis court, a waterfront restaurant, and an impressive 29-hole golf course.

Finally, yet another place that you can’t miss over here is the famous Historic District, where you can experience the island’s fine restaurants, intriguing art galleries, and an island museum by merely hopping into a golf cart. The First Union African Baptist Church and the Daufuskie Island Rum Company are to be visited as well.

Community History

The present pottery shards from the hunter-gatherer period show that early humans inhabited this island for quite a long time. Before European colonists moved in, Indian tribes occupied this area, particularly the Muskogean tribe, which gave the island its name (Daufuskie means “sharp feather” in the Muskogee language, because this is basically what the island looks like).

Over the years, the island went through quite a lot of people, cultures, and even the Civil War, before settling into a booming oyster industry sometime in the 1880s. In the 1980s, developers decided to convert Daufuskie into a tourist destination, and that’s when the resorts and other attractions sprung up.

Tourist Events

From New Moon parties and Delta Lady jam to oyster roasting sessions and musical festivals, Daufuskie has quite a lot to offer regarding events. Aside from external musical groups and bands, the island itself has a wealth of musical talent strongly linked to its Bohemian heritage, which is worth experiencing. 

Daufuskie Island provides quiet, tucked-away locations that give you all the room in the world to breathe. Simply step outside and enjoy yourself.

Starting from the mid-100s, our home listings on Daufuskie Island vary in price and size. For people who prefer a smaller, cozier home, we have 2-bedroom 2-bathroom options available all the way up to large, spacious 5-bedroom 5-bathroom selections. We have listings available for families of any size, no matter what they’re looking for.

Find your dream home here with the help of Century 21 Carolina Realty.


Fripp Island, a lovely and serene oceanfront golf resort, is located near the southern tip of South Carolina. Enjoy three championship golf courses, ten tennis courts, miles of breathtaking beaches, boating, island dining, and more!

Fripp Island has a variety of new developments to choose from including the Fripp Cottages at Ocean Creek with open floor plans and covered porches; Bluff lots; or the Bonito Boathouse, seven charming homes located at the Marina. Coming soon are two-to-five bedroom townhomes being built along the 16th fairway of our Ocean Creek Golf Course. These townhomes are patterned after the popular Sandown Villas. A Visitors Center display of architectural drawings, golf course layouts, homesite maps, and photographs provides an excellent overview of the community.

Just a few of Fripp Island's recreational experiences include golf, tennis, beautiful beaches, and fishing. The island offers three championship, 18-hole golf courses: Davis Love III's signature Ocean Creek Golf Course, Ocean Point Golf Links designed by George W. Cobb, and South Carolina National.

Dining is also revered as a great pastime at the resort. Fripp offers a variety of on-island restaurants, each with a distinct personality.

For the more adventurous, Fripp Island Resort offers activities such as crabbing, nature tours, scenic cruises sea turtle patrols, and shelling excursions.


Located between St. Helena and Hunting islands, Harbor Island occupies a land of 1,400 acres in Beaufort Country, South Carolina. Harbor Island is home to a small group of people; however, most of the people see it as a vacation point and come here to enjoy hunting in a State Park, the beautiful resort of Fripp Island, and the historic attractions of Beaufort.

The Island offers diverse wildlife, a beautiful, relaxing beach, and affordable homes.

History of Harbor Island

Harbor Island was mainly used as hunting grounds till the 1930s, and there were only a few people who adopted residence here. Afterward, the US Highway 21 was built which paved the way to connect St. Helena Island with Hunting Island State Park. Moving forward, the developmental work on the Island started when Fripp Company bought the majority of the area of the Island and started doing residential and resort community projects.

Hunting Island State Park

Hunting Island State Park comprises the entirety of the famed Hunting Island and is a family-friendly beach destination with a big reputation. As the most visited state park in all of South Carolina, the 5,000-acre undeveloped barrier island feels surprisingly isolated, and even on a busy summer day, visitors will find a stretch of sand or a quiet nature trail to call their own.

Opened in 1935, Hunting Island State Park is a well-famed hunting spot with a family-friendly beach destination. The Park is a favored vacation spot for people who want space from busy and hectic city life and to enjoy the natural beauty of the beach. According to an estimate, around 1.2 million people visit this park annually from all across the country. With natural beauty and careful conservations, the place has garnered a good reputation.

Community Attractions

The park also offers a large playground, a beach volleyball court, tennis court, fitness center, and plenty of kayaking options making it worth a visit. Other tourist and vocational spots within the park include Johnson Creek, surf fishing and crabbing, various water sports, and the inner-island lagoon, which is famous for its seahorses and barracuda.

Perfect Place to Visit for Tourists

Considering all the amenities and features of the Island, visitors and tourists would want to give it a visit and reserve a campsite for a couple of nights or even a full week to enjoy the beauty, amenities, and wildlife of the park.

If you are trying to find the best real estate, then you are going to need a realtor who can get all the right answers and find the best rates! We have been working in the area for several years and will stop at nothing to get the ideal house for you and your family!

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In our time here we have seen all sorts of houses and apartments come and go. If you are truly invested in buying or renting a house, you need to give us a call as soon as possible. We can get you up and run in no time at all! We have been in the area for several years and in that time have helped out numerous people move to Harbor Island. If you are looking for the next big thing in real estate give us a call right away!


Hilton Head Island is one of the oldest and most prominent communities in South Carolina. While only being incorporated in 1983, it is still an exclusive community and an important aspect of Carolina history.

Many prominent people have lived there in the past such as Michael Jordan, Jim Ferree, and MANY others. Every location on the island is gorgeous and well managed with most locations within reasonable distance to a beach.

Hilton Head boasts a variety of recreational spots, exuberant and exotic wildlife, famous heritage buildings, and luscious vegetation.

With such a variety of features at its disposal, it comes as no surprise that the area is a desirable tourist attraction. However, it takes good insight and knowledge of a region to take full advantage of its tourist attractions, and we intend to do exactly that as we take you through an informative article about the Island.

The History

The extravagant tourist island has a surprisingly rich and interesting history, dating back to the eighteenth century. The waters of the region have been controlled by no less than four different countries from Europe, and the island had tremendous significance in the Civil War, becoming an important base of operations to protect the southern ports.

Its history as a tourist resort began in 1956 with the Sea Pines Resort. The Heritage Golf Classic was first played in 1969 at the Sea Pines Resort and has been regularly a stop on the PGA Tour ever since. In May 1983, the Hilton Head Island had officially become a town. 

The Sights

Hilton Head Island hosts one of the most beautiful and extravagant tourist spots in the area. The beaches are pristine, the golf courses are stunning, and there’s lots of history and culture to be learned from the Coastal Discovery Museum. One sight, in particular, that stands tall is the Harbour Town Light House, a beacon that radiates not only light but knowledge, as it is a museum as well. The Coligny Beach Park has a beach, along with walking and biking paths along the Oceanside.

The Culture

While a very picturesque and attractive area, what lies underneath the beautiful display of the Hilton Head Island is the vibrant and colorful culture that is the backbone of the region. Golf enthusiasts will fall in love with the sheer beauty of the courses, as well as the popularity of the sport itself. There are over two hundred exquisite restaurants that include fine sea and continental food to satisfy your taste buds. The island is ripe with festivities, and this year there are many events including the annual Hilton Head Island Wine and Food Festival.

The local wildlife from bottlenose dolphins to snowy egrets create an allure to the town that is unmatched by others in South Carolina. Atop the natural wonders are also the organizational and artistic wonders. The coastal discovery museum, arts center of Coastal Carolina, Hilton Head Choral Society, Hilton Head Symphony, arts council, youth theater, and heritage library are all amazing locations to visit when you arrive in Hilton Head.

Hilton Head Island is a place of mass jubilation, from the Gullah celebration to WingFest, and HarbourFest. Hilton Head Island is rated one of the best places to live in America because of the sheer amount of stuff you can do there!


Lady’s Island is one of the larger residential communities in northern Beaufort County, South Carolina. The Island was named in 1698 by Royal Governor Joseph Blake. He called it Lady’s Island in the regard of his wife, Elizabeth Blake.

The island was predominantly rural and agricultural in character for the majority of its history. In the 1920s, the first bridge that connected downtown Beaufort with Lady's Island was built. As the development of Beaufort and the surrounding areas began in the last half of the 20th century, the island began to develop former plantation and timber tracts into residential subdivisions. A second bridge connected Lady's Island with Port Royal in the 1980s.

The 2010 U.S. Census put 12,570 people on the island but with all the growth over the past 8 or 9 years, it's easily swelled to 15,000+.

With a true feel of the suburbs, the island is home to four public schools: two elementary, one middle, and one high school; Beaufort Academy, a K-12 private school, and Saint Peter's Catholic School, a private Catholic school.

Commercial development clustered at the intersection of S.C. Highway 802 and U.S. Highway 21 serves Lady's Island, Beaufort, and the surrounding Sea Islands of northern Beaufort County. The island is also the home of the Beaufort County Airport.

The community offers many beautiful neighborhoods and amenities to its residents. Offering condominiums, townhomes, single-family homes, luxury homes, and more, Lady’s Island has just about anything you’re looking for.

Choose from Old Town Country Club, a prestigious golf course community; Spanish Moss, an affordable new home community; or Walling Grove, a beautiful waterfront home community.

Other sought-after neighborhoods on the island are Newpoint, Royal Pines, Coosaw Point, Celadon, and Pleasant Point.

Lady’s Island is known for its cameo appearance in the movie “Forrest Gump.” No wonder so many people want to live here. Boating, golfing, dining, and shopping are just a few of the amenities that the city has to offer.


Lobeco is an agriculturally dominated area in Beaufort County and is about ten miles north of the titular town. Being part of the rural countryside has its advantages for those who want to make their own from the swell of the earth while also being close enough to the city to maintain that societal connection. Take a break from the energetic city and rest in the incredibly peaceful countryside that this community has to offer.

Nearby landmarks include a post office, library, produce market, and small community area for anyone interested in community get-togethers and planning events. It is ideal for those who want small communities. With quick access to Seabrook, Lobeco is in the heart of everything.

For new and existing homeowners, this community is the perfect blend of adventure, serenity, and nature. This is a tight-knit community that looks after each other and works together to create an excellent way of life. If you are looking for a place to raise your kids in a quiet area while still having weekend getaways or a place to retire, and connect with the secluded ocean lifestyle, Lobeco is the place for you!

Named after Long, Bellamy, and Company, Lobeco is a secluded community that is an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Although the town is only a short drive away, Lobeco offers beautiful scenery and natural areas for potential homeowners to experience daily!

If you’re looking for your next home, or for a vacation home, then Lobeco should be the next location you consider. Century 21 Carolina Realty will stop at nothing to find you the home that best suits your needs.


The town of Port Royal is located between the Beaufort River and Battery Creek in the beautiful South Carolina Lowcountry. Surrounded by the historic city of Beaufort and it’s three Military institutions, Port Royal is rich in opportunity. Nature lovers and beach enthusiasts alike will revel in the site of this city in South Carolina. We hold several parks for visitors and residents to enjoy; they’re all dog-friendly, and some can even be rented out for parties whenever needed.

History buffs, nature lovers, and even those who enjoy the peace of a private walking community will enjoy time spent in Port Royal. The city takes pride in its walking trails, community beach, boardwalk, and an observation tower where you can watch the dolphins play in the water, and the many varieties of birds fly overhead.

Port Royal also enjoys the Arts!! The city has two theaters, The Shed and The Port Royal Playhouse, where plays, exhibits, and classes in the performing and visual arts are offered.

If you are interested in the South, whether to visit the area or to relocate, make sure to put Port Royal on your list of places to see. The town is currently involved in a revitalization program offering many new homes as well as a remodeled historic district to include small businesses and fine dining. A traditional walking community theme stresses the importance of the community’s “get-to-know-your-neighbor” atmosphere.

Port Royal is recognized as one of the leaders in New Urbanism and strives to continually be one of the best places to live by maintaining the quality of life.

Port Royal Elementary, a public school for grades kindergarten through fifth, has recently been remodeled to accommodate a growing student body and upgraded to today’s state-of-the-art educational equipment.


Located in the northern part of the county along the Whale Branch River, Seabrook is an unincorporated community. Seabrook is located a short distance from Beaufort, midway between Charleston and Savannah.

Seabrook has been home to Native Americans for thousands of years. In addition to magnificent natural scenery, the city has a unique combination of historic interest and modern conveniences.

Living Standards

It has excellent public transportation. Unlike big cities, there is less hustle and bustle in the suburban areas. Water, sewer services, city trash and recycling pickup, electricity, gas, telephone, digital and cable television service provided by the State Authorities. If you are looking to move with a family, it is the ideal place with high standards. Several parks and markets and food courts where a lot of the families get together and enjoy quality living

Seabrook is one of the oldest communities in South Carolina. With plantation buildings stemming back to the 1700’s, it has become a historic landmark for classical archeology. Since those times, however, the community has become more of a quiet farmland town.

This place is gorgeous for people who are looking to retire for a bit of more peaceful life.

With three new schools sprouting up in the last ten years, it’s also growing as a community to raise your children. With a stunning beach nearby, it’s a great place to consistently take your kids to enjoy some of the simpler things in life such as caring for a farm, learning how to fish, and all types of feats in between.

Within the small town are your bare necessities such as a post office, general store, train station, gas station and the like. For the most part, as is common in outlying areas, people will usually venture out to the neighboring towns for immediate necessities. But when you have a view like the ones from Seabrook Island for that low of a cost, it’s no wonder why so many people are moving out to these smaller communities and traveling for work and leisure.

As we know, Seabrook is an unincorporated community; it offers a wide range of real estate preferences that include historical to new luxury home communities, acreage and oceanfront resort real estate. As most of the inhabitants are native, more than half of the apartment buildings are owned by occupants while another portion is borrowed.

The average price of a decent house in Seabrook is $65,000. A studio apartment in Seabrook has an average rent of $1078, and one-bedroom apartment rent for an average is $830 which is low as compared to the national average.

Upscale planned communities are becoming popular with home buyers searching to buy a homein a Seabrook planned neighborhood. 


Investing in buying or selling real estate is a big decision to make. You're buying or selling a family home, leasing or buying investment properties, the average price of residential properties are minimal compared to other cities. As the environment is suitable to live, the real estate industry thrives well here.

Sheldon is one of the best places where you may invest in the property and the real estate business. There are many firms and real estate agents are working to help you to get a better house. People with a dream to enjoy peaceful living will find Sheldon as an incredible place to live.

Sheldon is a great area for people who like their seclusion and want to act in a progressive way towards buying and finding their newest home. While most of Sheldon remains open, rolling terrain, it is a rich and ripe area for modest and respectful construction. Read this guide before you search for realty in Sheldon.

This place is exactly what you’d expect for a small town and spectacular natural beauty. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful life without too much hustle and bustle. Sheldon is equipped with all the facilities necessary for a better lifestyle. The crime and violence rate is very low as compared to the other areas that make the area worth living from a security viewpoint. The climate is continental, hot summers and cooler winters with moderate rainfall. Good and moderate climate makes this city the ideal place to live and visit there.

Ways to Find Homes in Sheldon

Sheldon is a very small and quiet community. An ideal home for someone looking to live out a  simple life with a little glitz, or someone who would like to maintain a quiet spot to escape from the busy life.

Of our listings, we have several available options that will help for land development and small residential booms. While living in Sheldon may be a nice getaway for most people, it is a location that will require investment such as time, energy, and community involvement.

Sheldon is also the home of the historic Old Sheldon Church Ruins, commonly referred to as one of the most tranquil spots in the entire state of South Carolina.

The surrounding area of Sheldon contains rural landscapes and nice quiet areas. Many churches are within a short travel to each other as well as grocery stores and gas stations. While there may not be much in the way of sights and sounds, there is a quiet splendor that many of its residents find alluring.


Shell Point is a quiet area that is perfect for those looking to build a home. With a population of less than 3,000, you can have your own space here while also focusing on what you want to do in your own little slice of the world.

Just because it’s small doesn’t mean it’s devoid of anything fun to do. There are a string of local restaurants from sushi bars to sports bars. Atop that, there are several niche locations around that make living here a unique experience.

The community, while respecting each others space, is also very involved. You can find multiple Facebook pages about things to do and meet up points in Shell Point. The people who live here enjoy their quiet life and keeping it that way.

Not only is Shell Point great for those who want a little peace and quiet; it’s great for those who like going out. It’s merely a thirty-minute drive from major areas such as Hilton Head Island, Savannah, and numerous beaches along the coast.

Please contact us at Century 21 Carolina Realty and let us help make your dream of life in the Lowcountry a reality.  842-521-2121