Beaufort County, SC is a family oriented area that is rich in history and beauty.  The county houses three military bases, many historical sites, and just about every amenity you can think of! 

Whether you are looking for your first home, a waterfront property, golf course living, or a quiet place to retire and relax, Beaufort County has something to offer!  Although there are some exclusive properties throughout Beaufort County, our average home prices start in the mid $100′s and range into the million’s. This allows for most anyone to find a home of their dreams.


Just minutes from the beaches of Hilton Head and Hunting Island and smack in the middle of hundreds of holes of world-class championship golf, Beaufort, SC is a smaller town that really seems to have it all.

Beaufort SC History

Incorporated over 300 years ago in 1711, the second-oldest city in South Carolina is a history lover's paradise that has a story dating back over 500 years.

It all started with the discovery of the area by Spanish explorers in 1514. With this discovery, Beaufort County was the site of the second landing on the North American continent by Europeans.

In the mid-1500s, Spain and France competed for control of the new found land. The Spanish government believed it had exclusive rights to the continent. To protect its Atlantic shipping route, Spain colonized several points along the Southeastern coast, including the Carolinas.

Spain's King Phillip ordered the establishment of military bases on the mainland. St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest continuously occupied European city in the continental United States. But the first colonial capital was Santa Elena, right here in Beaufort SC.

Spanish colonists founded Santa Elena in 1566 on Parris Island in Port Royal Sound in present-day Beaufort, just a short 10-minute drive from downtown today.

Beaufort had been subject to numerous European explorations and failed attempts at colonization before the British officially founded the city of Beaufort in 1711.

The city initially grew slowly. It was a center for shipbuilding and later when SC became established, Beaufort was the elite center for the Lowcountry planters through the Civil War.

Just after the Civil War started, Beaufort fell early and was occupied by Union forces following the Battle of Port Royal in 1861. Due in part to its early occupation, the city was saved from destruction and the burning of General Sherman, and with many of the town's landowners fleeing the area, slaves were left behind.  The Union forces declared the slaves emancipated and started its efforts at education while also creating regiments of African-American soldiers to fight against the South.

Beaufort SC has recently been recognized and has seen the establishment of the National Reconstruction Era Park by the National Park Service due to the area being the home of the beginning of the reconstruction of America after the Civil War, including the home of the first school for freed slaves at Penn Center on St. Helena Island.

In fast forwarding to the 20th Century, the Beaufort area has grown quite a bit.

Mining for phosphates, farming and fishing were the primary industries early in the century, and the area became well known as a supplier of local seafood and tomatoes. Tomatoes grown on our sea islands of Beaufort SC have been shipped all over the U.S., and today an estimated 25 million pounds of them come from St. Helena Island every year to stores across the country.

Beaufort SC Economy

In 1915, Parris Island was created as a Marine Corps Recruit Depot, and training has continued there ever since. The Beaufort SC area is home to 3 military installations today, including the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, and the Beaufort Veteran's Administration Naval Hospital.

The military is the most significant economic driver in Beaufort SC, providing a whopping $2.2 billion to the area every year.  Beaufort's military bases use thousands of local workers.  As a result, a down economy is not as big as a factor in the Beaufort SC community as it would be in others.