Doesn't Real Estate always Go Up?

The famous quote "Buy land, they're not making any more of it." Is a timeless joke for realtors and real estate professionals alike. But the fact is true that land prices will always go up because of the scarcity and inevitable market demand of it. 

But just because there will be a gradual trend doesn't mean you cannot use proven events that will cause a land price to go up. We have the inside scoop on things you should watch out for if you want to buy a property that will rapidly increase in price.

Indicators of a surge in Real Estate


Real Estate Price Indicators

We don't necessarily mean monuments such as statues and modern art installations, we mean monuments as the thing that have a representation in our culture. To narrow it down, we bring it to the three S's: Schools, superhighways, and Starbucks.

Schools are always great because it means many people will be trying to get there for accessibility for their kid.

Superhighways, while can be troublesome for some livelihoods are great because many commercial establishments will want to buy the land there.

Finally, Starbucks is a known indicator of increasing the net area market value through their "neighborhood" effect.

Movers and Shakers

This one is going to require some homework. As many of you know, people look at real estate as an investment opportunity. There's no mistaking that, no matter how rich or poor you are.

Which is why you need to look at investment bankers and celebrity accountants. Most people will distribute a portfolio quarterly to the investors in the firm and with that they can also be publicized. If you can find out where they are investing their real estate then you have a good chance to find the next hot spot.

Natural Events

Like many people in the South, we were strongly affected by Hurricane Irma this last October. While we are still proud and love where we live, it's no coincidence that many people in Florida, Georgia, and Houston (from the previous hurricane) had a boom in searches for new state living. 

If you live somewhere that is frequently searched, chances are you can have an investment opportunity down the line.

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